Chimpy’s job approval rating dropped two percentage points in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, falling from 38% in the April 2-5 poll to 36% in the poll conducted April 13-15.

Gallup is also flogging their new pollcomparing Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating to that of John Edwards and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton Favorability
Favorable 45%
Unfavorable 52%

Barack Obama Favorability
Favorable 52%
Unfavorable 27%

John Edwards Favorability
Favorable 52%
Unfavorable 31%

It’s odd that they don’t compare Hillary’s favorability rating to that of Dear Leader.

Bush Favorability (2/9-2/11 poll, the latest available from Gallup)
Favorable 44%
Unfavorable 55%

2 thoughts on “Poh-Poh-Pony

  1. I would say that we’re collectively sick of the last 20 years of Bush/Clinton domination, except that we would elect Bill again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity to do so.

  2. Still, if you’re within the margin of error of palatability of the Most Hated Man in Murka, that doesn’t say good things about your candidacy.

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