NBC receives “multimedia manifesto”

From Brian Williams at Daily Nightly blog

NBC News has indeed received
what I would call a “multimedia manifesto” from the gunman. We
received it today, and immediately handed it over to Federal law
enforcement authorities. We are still going over our own copy — its a
lot of material — we are talking with law enforcement, our own
standards people — and Pete Williams, our Justice Correspondent, will
join me live on the broadcast to go through the material.

UPDATE:MSNBC has a photo up online

5 thoughts on “NBC receives “multimedia manifesto”

  1. No, it’s not “over and fuck him.” It’s our narrow span of attention that makes us wonder why this stuff happens and we never tackle these issues substantively.
    In one of my last posts here, I brought up that this is a mental health problem and that the indicators exist that help us identify potential murderers, NOT to round them up and put them in some Potential Killers Camp, but to give them the best possible mental health care possible. This may have been avoided if Cho had received better care within a society of kind and rational individuals.
    Whether someone kills or not, what’s more important that he or she is a balanced and constructive individual?

  2. well, they don’t lke non-whites.
    i am not sure any therapy would fix this crazy turd tho. he was evil crazy. gee, and i wonder why women didn’t like you…

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