Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

ShorterPeroxide: No.

Q Dana, does Attorney General Gonzales’s testimony on Capitol Hill have any bearing whatsoever on his job status?

MS. PERINO: As I’ve said many times, the President has full confidence in the Attorney General.


Q So is it fair to say that no matter what the testimony, no matter what the back-and-forth, that the President plans to stick with Attorney General Gonzales?

MS. PERINO: I think — yes. I think the President has full confidence in the Attorney General and whenever that changes for any public servant, we’ll let you know, and I see no indication of that.

The Confidence Tour Continues

Q Are you concerned that pressure is building on Paul Wolfowitz? There was a report yesterday that his deputy suggested in a private meeting that he step down.

MS. PERINO: As we’ve said before, the President has confidence in Paul Wolfowitz, Mr. Wolfowitz had apologized, and that the review board — the board was undergoing a review, and that that was appropriate to let them finish that, because they’re an independent agency — let that process take place.

Q Does the President think that what he did was appropriate?

MS. PERINO: What the President has said is that Paul Wolfowitz apologized, and to let the board do its work.

Q Okay, so the White House will respect whatever decision the executive board decides, whether that’s —

MS. PERINO: I’ve not heard it characterized any other way.

Q I’m just — if the executive board decides to keep him, or release him, or suggest that he leave, will the President respect that decision either way?

MS. PERINO: Well, frankly, I don’t know how that board — I don’t know how that works in terms of the structure. It’s an independent agency, but let me look into how that works. I don’t know if the board recognizes something —

Q Okay. Like a vote of no confidence, or something?

MS. PERINO: I don’t know, I’ll have to look. Tony Fratto can help in the meantime, if you guys can’t catch me this afternoon.


Q Can I just follow up on one thing? I think I had you saying the President has full confidence in Attorney General Gonzales, and then the President has confidence in Paul Wolfowitz. Is there a distinction there?


If True, This Could Be Fun — Then Again, I See No Reason To Believe That Dana Peroxide Will Tell The Truth In Any Given Situation

Q Anymore on the event today, the questions that people are asking? Are these prescreened questions? Are they just going to be picked at random?

MS. PERINO: No — in fact, the Chamber of Commerce distributed the tickets, except for a handful that went to Congressman Boehner’s office. And we didn’t announce until today that the President would be taking questions, so there was no prescreening of anyone who is attending the event.

Oops! Sounds Like Chimpy Aided And Abetted A Potential Felon

Q Dana, is the President at all concerned about reports concerning Doolittle and his fundraising? Specifically, the President spoke on his behalf at a fundraiser in October, and Mr. Doolittle’s wife apparently received tens of thousands of dollars as commission. Is there any concern from the White House or the President?

MS. PERINO: Well, I think what you’re referring to are the reports about FBI action, and given that it is FBI action and that is within the Department of Justice and a Justice Department matter, I would decline to comment on it from here.

Q But the President was personally there at the fundraiser, so does he have any personal concern that perhaps this wasn’t handled in an above-board fashion?

MS. PERINO: I can ask; I haven’t heard that.

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