One thought on “Your President Speaks!

  1. “Bienvenidos, hombre.”
    Eh? What’s that you say? Pinche gringo.
    ‘Welcome, Dude’ is NOT exactly proper protocol.
    The Shitehouse specializes in subtle and gross putdowns.
    For reference, Bienvenidos, Señor, or Bienvenidos, Señor Presidente are the obvious salutations, and bienvenidos, hombre would be reserved for your drinking buddy to have a laugh.
    I bet people don’t recall the (yahoo published) picture of G ‘Hell on Wheels’ Bush in Peru with the coke grin and his underwear sticking out his open zipper for the photo op with Putin and Koizumi, but Sud America remembers it just fine. Gringito Bush is a real stickler for offensiveness — his primary theme.

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