Bush vows to Veto ANYTHING that waives 10% match requirement now impeding Gulf Coast Recovery

When I was down in New Orleans I gave a tour to a group of college kids who worked with the First Draft Krewe gutting a home. They were a public policy class from Elon University. So I was explaining to them how Bush refuses to waive the 10% match requirement and how this is a tremendous obstacle to the recovery of the Gulf Coast. (background here) So I swear, hand to God, when one student asked why Bush just won’t waive the requirement, I said “because he’s a dick.” It just slipped out and I felt a bit bad but it was immensely true. Evidence this…

The New Orleans City Business has an article on Louisiana’s effort to pressure Bush for the waiver. Though such a waiver is in the Iraq Supplemental bill which Bush will veto, we learn from the article that…

Bush also vows to veto any new funding or legislative attempt to waive the 10 percent match.

Here’s the White House justification…

The White House maintains $1 billion was provided
for the 10 percent match in the $10.4 billion in community development
block grants already awarded to Louisiana.

In other words Bush is saying give us back a billion of the aid we gave you and you’re good to go. Nice trick. But here is a major problem even with that…

Bush ignores a major problem with using CDBG funds for the 10 percent match, said Landrieu spokesman Adam Sharp.

“It ignores the greater paperwork issue,” Sharp said. “Right
now, each of the more than 20,000 public assistance projects require
two different sets of paperwork — one for (the Department of Housing
and Urban Development) to confirm that you are allowed to use CDBG
funds to pay the 10 percent, and one for FEMA to confirm that disaster
funds can be used for the other 90 percent. The paperwork can take
months, if not years, to complete, per project. The red tape alone is
enough to strangle recovery.”

Louisiana’s congressional delegation, Democrats AND Republicans alike, say they will continue to push for the waiver. Landrieu thinks the votes are there to over ride Bush’s vetoes …

“I feel confident because the Democratic Congress
is going to make sure that that happens even if the White House will
not,” she said. “He can veto it. If that ever happens, I think we’ll
have the votes to override him.”

So perhaps there is some hope of overcoming Bush’s dicktitude. Yeah I stand by my tour guide statement.

12 thoughts on “Bush vows to Veto ANYTHING that waives 10% match requirement now impeding Gulf Coast Recovery

  1. Scout, what was the reaction when you said, “because he’s a dick”? I love it, because that’s what he is. Why is the 10% such a big deal with him?
    Well, I’ve made the big time blogroll. Yay!

  2. Well they were probably shocked, Shocked tells ya at such mean words coming out of your beautiful mouth!
    And on a hilarious note just for fun go to http://www.superdickery.com
    It is a collection of comic book covers with Superman being a dick to people like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Hours of fun.
    It will make you laugh.
    Check it out.
    Eli reminded me of it. So I guess h/t to Mr.MM himself.

  3. When one student asked why Bush just won’t waive the requirement, I said “because he’s a dick.”
    I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

  4. I must say I had been trying to explain the politics of it all to the class (see the background link above) I don’t think that was making sense to them as they listened and stared out the window at the destruction of middle class Lakeview…homes once probably much like their own. Hence the student’s question and my remark.

  5. One wonders whether the intent is to disperse an understood democratic majority of voters …
    Rove has been quoted as wanting to establish a permanent majority for his party … things like this make it that much easier. A predominant Democratic area, where the poorer (democratic voters) are inhibited from re-establishing homes while the wealthy (republican leaning perhaps) are able to make the 10% and rebuild.
    Those unable get dispersed into other areas and a former blue becomes a newly red district …
    I hate to think this way – but the current administration and the list of scandals leaves me no other path to follow …

  6. Well curious? I think what may be happening here is that LA can either pay the 10% match by taking away from much needed aid or use their state surplus. If you take away aid it will anger those in affected area (much of that blue). Take from the surplus and it will anger those outside affected area (much of that red) who need those funds. It is pitting one against the other and either way Dems are weakened which I think Repubs/Bush/Rove would like of course.

  7. I hear what you’re saying about Hurricane Andrew, but at the time it was daddy George in the White House and Democrat Lawton Chiles in the FL governorship.

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