He can’t veto the truth

The petulant one will veto on Mission Accomplished Day and will rant err speak later at 6:10 EDT. Right after the veto this ad from Americans United for Change will air on your teevee…

(h/t to TPM for video)

3 thoughts on “He can’t veto the truth

  1. Aaaargh says:

    Is there any possibility that the Dems will be able to hang tough and just not pass an Iraq bill after he vetoes this one? Do they have enough backbone to say, hey, we gave you an Iraq bill and you vetoed it. Fuck you and everyone that looks like you. Or is it a foregone conclusion that they’ll just knuckle under AGAIN and do what Chimpy wants? And probably authorize him to appoint federal judges without oversifht in the process…

  2. zooey glass says:

    I don’t have the teevee… Did that ad really run after W was rambling to the nation? Was anybody actually watching that prick? One of the reasons I got rid of my television was so I would never have to watch Bush speak ever again.
    So worth it.

  3. scout says:

    I’ve seen it on my teevee

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