Every Humvee In Iraq

Shit. Just, shit.

The Army is fixing the doors of every armored Humvee in combat in Iraq because they can jam shut during an attack and trap soldiers inside, Pentagon records and interviews show.


One quick fix to the jamming problem was to weld D-shaped hooks to Humvee doors so another truck could rip them off with a cable. The hook is built into the latest version of armor added to the Humvee, known as the Frag Kit 5, said Lt. Col. William Wiggins, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon. “Every Humvee outside (a fortified base) will have a hook,” Wiggins said. There are about 18,000 Humvees in Iraq.


When armor from the new kits is added, a Humvee door can weigh at least 600 pounds, said Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., of the House Armed Services Committee. The Humvee has run its course as a useful vehicle, he said. “It wasn’t designed for urban warfare.”


Tom Buckner, an owner of IbisTek, a small military contractor, said the Humvee door problem became apparent early in 2006. The company produces a device know as the Rat Claw, which grips the Humvee door, while cables attached to another truck rip it off. The military has bought about 1,500 of the $400 devices.

4 thoughts on “Every Humvee In Iraq

  1. Am I going crazy? Does this mean every humvee has to travel with a convoy of two trucks equipped to open the door of the humvee if it comes under attack? So, what happens to those two trucks as they are acting as doormen? If they are such safe vehicles, why not just patrol with the trucks and leave the humvees for Arnold Swarzeneger to parade around in? Hey, I got a great idea! Let’s just get the Hell out of Iraq.

  2. One of the least intelligent criticisms of the Iraq War was all the harping on the lack of ‘uparmored Humvees’. Humvees are cars, not armor. Putting armor on them was a very dumb choice. The whole point of having Humvees is that they are NOT armored, they are relatively light, versatile tranport vehicles. They replaced the Jeep, not the Sherman Tank. Nobody thought about puttin armor on them because nobody ever thought they would be used in the front lines of a hot war against an enemy with high explosives. Armored vehicles are designed to withstand explosive attack. The ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech wasn’t just a political blunder, it was a logistical blunder that left all of the wrong equipment in Iraq. Putting armor kits on Humvees was always stupid. We should have just shipped all of our true armored vehicles to Iraq and built more on an industrial war footing. Only that would have required admitting a mistake in planning.

  3. why did the military invest in this obviously useless ‘neo-jeep’? what the fuck are they thinking? and WHY are they being sold to assholes in america?

  4. OK? From the films I’ve seen, if one Humvee in a convoy takes fire / IEDs, the other Humvees scatter (and are supposed to scatter) in different routes to avoid being part of the problem as well as wait for reinforcements to arrive (imagine if both the vehicle behind you and the one in front of you are disabled and you’re one of several vehicles trapped in the middle).
    Now while waiting in the middle, you also have to wait for another vehicle to come rip your doors off? Is the next step to start a fire in the Humvee and sing campfire songs while you roast to death?
    Could someone with a stronger military background explain this to me?

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