Running Out Of Patience

I don’t think our friends in Afghanistan will tolerate this kind of shit much longer.

Airstrikes called in by U.S. Special Forces soldiers fighting with insurgents in southern Afghanistan killed at least 21 civilians, officials said Wednesday. One coalition soldier was also killed.

Helmand provincial Gov. Assadullah Wafa said Taliban fighters sought shelter in villagers’ homes during the fighting in the Sangin district Tuesday evening, and that subsequent airstrikes killed 21 civilians, including several women and children.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has repeatedly said more must be done to prevent civilian casualties during military operations. He warned last week, after reports that 51 civilians were killed in the west, that Afghanistan “can no longer accept civilian casualties they way they occur.”


A resident of the area, Mohammad Asif, said five homes in the village of Soro were bombed during the battle, killing 38 people and wounding more than 20. He said Western troops and Afghan forces had blocked people from entering the area.


The report of civilian casualties comes less than a week after Afghan officials said that 51 civilians were killed in the western province of Herat.

It also comes one day after the U.S. military apologized and paid compensation to the families of 19 people killed and 50 wounded by U.S. Marines Special Forces who fired indiscriminately on civilians after being hit by a suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan in March.

Afghanistan’s upper house of parliament on Tuesday passed a bill calling for a halt to all international military operations unless coordinated with the Afghan government, action seen as a rebuke of the international mission here.

One thought on “Running Out Of Patience

  1. The Afghan government needs to make a law automatically punishable by death for any “insurgent”, “terrorist”, “murderer”, “Mullah”, “radical”, etc. to seek or take refuge in any home, mosque, barn, market, trash bin, etc. that endangers the lives of “innocent civilians”. The Karsai governmet needs to add any stupid idiot that unlocks the door or window because they are dumb as camel dung and deserve to be executed along with the perps.

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