Your President Speaks!

Today, in Greensburg, Kansas.

Pictures About?

A lot of us have seen the pictures about what happened here and pictures don’t do it justice.

There Is Brighter Days Ahead!

My mission is to — today, though, is to lift people’s spirits as best as I possibly can and to hopefully touch somebody’s soul by representing our country, and to let people know that while there was a dark day in the past, there’s brighter days ahead.

7 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Aint it wonderful? An American city gets devastated by a storm, rendered impossible to live in, and the POTUS immediately rushes in to give comfort to the survivors. You can also count on lots of federal aid to rebuild this important cultural icon of a city. Yes, indeed, it is wonderful how our POTUS reacted to the disaster that hit Greensburg, Kansas, with so many thousands of people there now homeless, dependent upon the federal government for help. Imagine how this would have played out in New Orleans if only the populace there had had the good sense to be born with a different skin color, had the good sense to be a dependable Republican voting populace, and had lived in a state with a long Republican tradition.
    For some reason things are playing out just as I expected.

  2. He sure did rush down to his home state to visit Eagle Pass which was also devastated a few weeks ago by a tornado…with about 9 dead and lots of destruction…oh wait!!!…he never went…and, it took more than a week to even freaking declare it a disaster…you know, though, that the folks in Eagle Pass are mostly Mexican American and mostly vote Dem…now, none of us would think that would have anything to do with the clearly obvious lack of presidenty caring about them…would we??? I’d like Ciro Rodriguez to get all over this discrepancy between brown Texas and white Kansas.

  3. I don’t know Hoppy, while in general I agree, I can’t help but think that all they’re gonna get is a hug and the help of a National Guard whose equipment is in Irag.
    Knowing Shrub, I’m dubious that they’re gonna get anywhere near the federal aid they would have gotten under previous administrations (although the books will be cooked and each penny will be trumpeted as a massive bailout).

  4. Thank the Baby Jeebus for Basements and Bootstraps

    In the comments thread of the below post about Bushs visit to tornado-devastated Greensburg in Kansas, Nightshift said: Just wait until the inevitable hey, those Kansans are pulling themselves up by their OWN bootstraps, unlike…&#8…

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