Blanco speaking out

From WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart interview of Louisiana Gov. Blanco…

When I asked the governor if she were as baffled as I by the level
of resistance in Congress and in the White House to helping Louisiana
with post-Hurricane Katrina recovery (the continuing refusal to waive
the onerous 10 percent match required by the Federal Emergency
Management Agency comes to mind), Blanco let ‘er rip.

“It’s all
political,” she began. “You know, this country’s run on politics. But
when a disaster comes that is not what you expect, you expect a human
reaction, not a political reaction. And I will tell you, there’s a
void,” Blanco drawled, “a total void of human response. And it’s
extremely discouraging as an American citizen. It makes me angry and
extremely disappointed.”


“I absolutely hated the idea of having to go to Washington, D.C., to
deal with the last Congress, because their attitude was brutal,” she
said. “The old Congress made us feel like we were pretty stupid for
standing in the way of the hurricane and that we were asking for far
too much assistance.

“They ignored the fact that it wasn’t the
hurricane, per se, that caused our damage,” Blanco explained in a
forceful, yet measured, tone. “It was the failure, an engineering
failure, of the federal levees that caused our enormous grief. If we
had not had levee failures, people would have walked home, and today we
would not even be sitting here talking about it.” She did say the new
Congress was “definitely more interested in trying to help us.”


Blanco had a message for the hundreds of members of Congress who have
come through Louisiana since Katrina. “They have seen with their own
eyes,” she said. “They need to look in their own hearts to decide what
they would want to happen in their own states if something of this
magnitude did as much damage. Where would their people be?”


4 thoughts on “Blanco speaking out

  1. That’s eloquent and true.
    Our next governor will almost certainly be Bobby Jindal, and I’m not pleased about that. Folks think he will be the savior of Louisiana, but I don’t believe it for one minute.

  2. jindal will never speak this honestly and probably can’t. i am not sure why, but he will be elected. i have no idea why, but people i respect would vote for him over blanco. it is quite sad how many louisianaians excuse bush’s direct, pointed, and purposed actions against us and accuse blanco of incompetence. Jindal, as our representative, votes against us and pushes bush’s idiotic twisted message of free market recovery. Jindal supporters are morons and I’ve had enough. The republican tactic of blaming lower class folks for the woes of the middle class, all while increasing taxes on the middle class and giving breaks to the few rich folks still around is ingenious. Corporations aren’t raping your land, big oil isn’t writing federal policy, drug companies aren’t robbing our elderly. Those pesky poor people are to blame.
    Justice isn’t blind, it is dead.

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