Spotlight On Karl

The Washington Post highlights Karl Rove as the key driving force behind the US Attorney purge.

Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals

Nearly half the U.S. attorneys slated for removal by the administration last year were targets of Republican complaints that they were lax on voter fraud, including efforts by presidential adviser Karl Rove to encourage more prosecutions of election- law violations, according to new documents and interviews.

Of the 12 U.S. attorneys known to have been dismissed or considered for removal last year, five were identified by Rove or other administration officials as working in districts that were trouble spots for voter fraud — Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee; New Mexico; Nevada; and Washington state. Four of the five prosecutors in those districts were dismissed.


Rove, in particular, was preoccupied with pressing Gonzales and his aides about alleged voting problems in a handful of battleground states, according to testimony and documents.


According to Lorraine Minnite, a political scientist at Barnard College who co-wrote a recent study of federal prosecution of election fraud, the states in which U.S. attorneys were dismissed, or put on a tentative firing list, include five of nearly a dozen states that Rove and other Republicans last year identified as election battlegrounds.

4 thoughts on “Spotlight On Karl

  1. Would it be more accurate to say (and why haven’t I seen anyone saying it this way, that the fired AGs were either lax on election fraud investigations of democrats or in pursuit of election fraud of republicans?
    It just seems so misleading to say election fraud when what really mattered was who was doing the fraud.

  2. It would be better if the headlines said something like “False Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals” since we know that the vast majority of attempts to find fraud were bogus and intended as voter intimidation.

  3. Can someone explain to me when Rove is going to testify before the Senate or the House? I seem to remember a subpoena being issued, but I didn’t read or hear anything about its being served. What’s the holdup?

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