Warning on New Orleans flood protection “system”

Matt at Fix the Pumps has a new post which examines “a set of condititions which are more likely to cause flooding in New Orleans than before Katrina.” Central to those conditions is the decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to not fix the outfall canal walls in NOLA and instead put up floodgates. I highly recommend reading Matt’s entire post but here is the concluding paragraph…

The Corps will not fix the walls. They will rely on their beloved yet
untested, unproven, and defective floodgates (we won’t really know they
work until a storm hits), leaving New Orleans in a more perilous
condition than before Katrina. Residents should think long and hard
about relying on the gates, the MWI pumps, and the unrepaired walls to
save them. The situation has become unbearable, and I hope people
realize it before the worst happens, rather than when it’s too late.

One thought on “Warning on New Orleans flood protection “system”

  1. Their were several bizarre stories about how the floodgates are supposed to be maintained in the event they get debris in the grove that the gates go into. They have a team of DIVERS that is supposed to dive into the canal during the hurricane or storm and clear the channel groove that the floodgates go in! Nice work if you can get it.
    “Hey, Bob, we have a Cat 5 storm and a surge coming get out your scuba gear and get into that flood gate and make sure the channel is free of debris so we can close those flood gates!”
    Bob: You Bet! I sure hope my legs are strong enough to swim against that surge, but I’m sure that the Army Corps of Engineers took that into account when they designed this system!

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