Hitchens To Faux News/Ralph Reed…”Tell it to Jack Abramoff”

As the Rude Pundit said today of Christopher Hitchens’ appearance on AC 360 to discuss the death of Jerry Falwell…he can be exhilarating when he’s on your side.

Tonight Hitchens continued on the subject of Falwell on Hannity and Colmes. He got into it with Hannity and later dished out taunts of Abramoff to Faux News for the other guest of the segment–Ralph Reed– including… “And why not a word now from the friend of Jack Abramoff” and “That’s all it needs now let’s hear from the Abramoff faction…you should be ashamed of yourselves.” And there was more.

This was great…

2 thoughts on “Hitchens To Faux News/Ralph Reed…”Tell it to Jack Abramoff”

  1. virgotex says:

    Love it when he says Hannity is “rather un-lettered” — and that was being generous.

  2. “If they gave Falwell an enema they could bury him in a matchbox.”
    Consider that line stolen.

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