Friday Ferretblogging: Fox In A Sack

So after we give the boys a bath, they get towelled off and go into these terrycloth bags, where they can flop around and shake themselves dry to their hearts’ content without getting water all over the house and/or us. Fox has been trying for six years to find a way out of the sack on his own. He has yet to succeed:


9 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Fox In A Sack

  1. watertiger says:

    well, to be fair, Bush probably couldn’t find his way out, either.

  2. Sinfonian says:

    The persons responsible for putting the ferret in a sack … have been sacked.

  3. Geez, that’s funny!

  4. Athenae got a new pet slug!

  5. Take me to the river.
    Drop me in the water…

  6. maitri says:

    It looks like a giant animate Apple/Mac mouse writhing on the floor. Poor frustrated Fox, if only he could get his head where his feet are.

  7. pansypoo says:

    i think i saw a nose. jeez, what stupid vermin. sybil would have gotten out. even if she had to chew through the bag.
    yes, her leash had to be extra tight for vet visits. i dread if she needs medication in the future. beware the smart cat.

  8. Trillium says:

    What could be more fun than a bag full of wet ferret?

  9. scout says:

    OMG I feel sort of bad for laughing out loud but that is sooo funny

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