Friday Ferretblogging: Holiday Weekend Nap Edition

They’re sleeping in.

Fox continues to improve. Stripe might need his meds adjusted or different meds, because in the past few days he’s really started to slow down and his insulinoma’s been bothering him more and more. It’s hard to remember, because he’s so fat and fluffy and generally a pretty happy guy, that he’s the sicker one.

Still, they’re both six, they’re starting to get up there. Grumpy Old Men, both of them. After I took this picture Fox lifted his head and glared at me, like, “Lady. Can you not see we’re trying to get some shut-eye here?”


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Holiday Weekend Nap Edition

  1. I’m glad they are both okay. They are lucky to have such good peeps watching over them.
    But it was suddenly so sad to see just the two.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been missing Joey something fierce lately. The other two seem to have really aged since he died. We’ve started talking about getting another ferret, a young one, for them to play with, and I keep looking in all the cages at the shelter, but I’m not really looking for a new ferret. I’m looking for Joe.

  3. Oh, Athenae.
    Joe is, like Lion Kitty Maxx, watching from afar (with Barbaro on the comet, maybe?) these days — let him help you find the next ferret, eh?
    And Rushlight somehow managed to end up needing stitches today. (Came up to be scritched, and had this red stuff in his fur … turns out it was a gash in his abdomen).

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