Hot DeLay on Newt Action!

Personally, I find it hard to believe that anyone would willingly commit adultery with either of these two men.

Earlier this year, [Tom DeLay] published a memoir called “No Retreat, No Surrender” (his spokeswoman says that he was not stealing from Bruce Springsteen, and that the phrase has been used many times throughout history, including by the Spartans and as the title of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie), in which he claimed that as a young congressman he would on occasion drink ten to twelve Martinis at a time. In this period, he earned the nickname Hot Tub Tom. Then he found Jesus and, he said, stopped sinning. In the book, he freely confesses to committing adultery. “I had put my needs first,” he told me. “I was on the throne, not God. I had pushed God from His throne.”

In the book, DeLay criticizes Gingrich for, among other things, conducting an affair with a Capitol Hill employee during the 1998 impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. (The woman later became Gingrich’s third wife.) “Yes, I don’t think that Newt could set a high moral standard, a high moral tone, during that moment,” DeLay said. “You can’t do that if you’re keeping secrets about your own adulterous affairs.” He added that the impeachment trial was another of his “proudest moments.” The difference between his own adultery and Gingrich’s, he said, “is that I was no longer committing adultery by that time, the impeachment trial. There’s a big difference.” He added, “Also, I had returned to Christ and repented my sins by that time.”

5 thoughts on “Hot DeLay on Newt Action!

  1. What’s going on with DeLay’s criminal cases? Have they gone to trial yet?
    Why would anyone want to read a book by that man? And that’s assuming that he actually wrote it, which I doubt.
    I also believe that if Jesus Christ were to hear this sort of sanctimonious cant, He would throw something at DeLay and all the other practitioners of the “but I turned to the Lord and now I’m forgiven so I can throw stones at everybody else” school of so-called Christianity.

  2. Ah, yes, the famous Christian “Get Out of JailHell Free” card. Anyone who uses that argument definitely ought to be in for a world-class smiting.
    I kind of feel smug right now. I’m an atheist, and not only have I never done anything like that (as if that matters), if Idid, I’d have to own it. Man up, Tom, you wimp. “Not perfect, just forgiven” cuts approximately zero ice with me. The reason I’m feeling smug is because for all the trash-talking these dimwits do about atheists, not only do I have the ethical (moral) high ground here, but I’m also beating them at their own, much bruited-about “personal responsibility” game. (Chew on that, DeLay.)

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