Ponyboy Rulz!

Via Eric Kleefeld, Chimpy sets an all-time low in the latest Pew Poll.

For the first time in Pew Research Center polling, disapproval of President Bush’s job performance outnumbers approval by more than two-to-one (61% disapprove, 29% approve). Bush’s job approval is down six points from April, and is three points below the previous low measured in November and December of 2006.

The decline in Bush’s support is most notable among Republicans. Just under two-thirds (65%) of Republicans approve of the President’s performance today, down from 77% in April. This drop is apparent among both the conservative and moderate wings of the party. The proportion of conservative Republicans giving a positive rating declined 12 points to an all-time low of 74%. The proportion of moderate and liberal Republicans giving a positive rating fell 11 points (to 52%), also an all-time low.