Your President Speaks!

Today, in Prague.

Your President Neuters Himself

It’s beginning an important trip to Europe.

The Global War On Articles Continues

People in this country took risk necessary so that the people could actually live in a free society.

A Supporter In Change

I see that contradiction, and therefore, I’m a strong supporter in changing our visa waiver policy.

Who Listens To Those Cries?

I will work with Congress to come up with a policy that, of course, meets our needs, security needs, for example, but also treats the people of the Czech Republic with respect and who listens to those cries.

No, You Call Him“Pootie-Poot”

And therefore, as the President mentioned, I look forward to having conversations with President Putin, not only at the G8, but in the United States when he comes over. And my message will be, Vladimir — I call him, Vladimir — that you shouldn’t fear a missile defense system.

What Russia Is

And I’ll tell Russia that they need not fear such a system; that Russia is — with whom we’d like to have positive relations.

There Is A Lot Of Areas

But there’s a lot of areas where we can work together to deal with common threats.