Nine Months Sub-40

Chimpy seems intent on inventing new records for ineptitude.Gallup:

Just 32% approve and 62% disapprove of Bush’s job performance, generally in line with what his approval rating has been in recent months. The current approval rating is just one point above Bush’s low mark as president — a 31% rating in May 2006.

Bush’s approval rating has not been above 40% in more than nine months (since September 2006), and has not been at 50% in more than two years (since May 2005). Only Harry Truman (26 months from October 1950 to December 1952) and Richard Nixon (13 months from July 1973 to August 1974) have had longer runs of consistent sub-40% approval ratings since World War II.


In the latest poll, 40% of Americans rate Bush favorably and 58% unfavorably. Bush’s favorable rating has been below 50% since July 2005.

The current favorable rating for Bush is near his all-time low — a 38% reading taken last November.

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  1. Note that both Truman and Nixon ended their streaks only when they ended their terms. Will Bush break Truman’s record with 28? Will Holden win a uni-pony if that happens?

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