6 thoughts on “In NOLA

  1. There are no words.
    BTW, Matt McBride’s uncovered even more atrocities w/r/t the pumps problem.

  2. I saw that TheoLogie. ACE is just lying to the nation now. On CNN. But who seems to care?

  3. Robin Malta (who was killed this weekend in my neighborhood) – cut my hair for the last 8 years. He always said we’d bottle the gray and make a fortune. I had the last haircut Saturday. I know people always say this – but he was a terrific, terrific person – full of life and funny stories and empathy. That day a straight guy client of his came in to show him the wedding ring and get advice on when to pop the question. “Well, honey”, he said. “With a ring like that I think you should just marry me.” He was a local, with many, many close family ties in the neighborhood. He and his sister owned the store together – and when we talked about my Dad dying he said he was such a moma’s boy that when she went they were going to have to put him in the casket with her. His nieces obiously all adored him – ah – I don’t know why I am writing all this, but I guess I think he’d get a kick out of it.

  4. Thanks lb for sharing that about Robin. So sorry for your loss and the loss, another unfortunately, to NOLA.

  5. what georgie has wrought.
    god he NEEDS to be impeached.
    and that was a very nice remembrance. the essence of another victim of the naughts.

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