I like it…

Ashley’s idea that is

4 thoughts on “I like it…

  1. notanumber says:

    Hey Scout, just so I understand;
    You like the idea of teaching an L. Ron Hubbard written, Scientologist published and promoted program to elementary students in public schools?
    Because that is what you linked to.

  2. ashley says:

    Notanumber — Scout linked to my proposal to bring musical instruments to New Orleans. I am an unabashed $cientology critic, and I’m trying to show that having a good MusicEd program in schools will help raise LEAP score much better than that $cientology drivel.

  3. scout says:

    I like the idea of music instruments for NOLA students. If you follow the vote link you find Ashley proposing such an idea. Do you really see that idea as being Scientologist?

  4. TheaLogie says:

    There was a Harvard study conducted somewhat recently suggesting that choral singing is good for the health.
    IMHO getting music back into the lives of the kids of NOLA would be good for everyone. Good for mental health, community building, cultural preservation/innovation…
    ?? What’s Scientological about the program Ashley’s supporting?

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