Do It Right

I’ve watched almost every journalism or journalism-related show, movie or play in existence, and Sports Night is the only thing I’ve ever seen that really got it, really got that everything gets fucking tangled up, what you do and who you do it with and how you feel about them, and how on most days you wouldn’t throw a rope to these people if they were drowning but today, today, when everything’s going right, oh, you love them more than you thought it was possible to love. The joy you can take in your work and their company, and the horror that that really is, when you wake up and it’s all fallen apart.

I re-watch it every few years or so, and I’ve been doing it again lately, because Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip went so spectacularly off the rails into crazyville, when it could have been something like this, something sincere and funny where the relationships weren’t forced and the situations weren’t contrived and the characters went where they went. Plus, Dana Whittaker is my favorite woman on TV, ever, ever:


One thought on “Do It Right

  1. See, this is why I really, really need to get the DVD box set for this show. Aaron Sorkin will always have a place in my heart, if only because as a Data Goddess in my full-time job, the line, “I’ll do something bad to you with numbers” really comes in handy.
    I love his stuff for the same reason I love Gilmore Girls, Bringing Up Baby, and, best of all, His Girl Friday. Rapid fire dialog done well is like a verbal symphony.

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