The Party of Stupid

No wonder they chose Chimpy to lead them.Gallup.

The majority of Republicans in the United States do not believe the theory of evolution is true and do not believe that humans evolved over millions of years from less advanced forms of life.

Belief in Evolution By Partisanship

Believe in Evolution: 30%
Do Not Believe In Evolution: 68%

Believe in Evolution: 57%
Do Not Believe In Evolution: 40%

Believe in Evolution: 61%
Do Not Believe In Evolution: 37%

21 thoughts on “The Party of Stupid

  1. i don’t BELIEVE in evolution, but neither do i ‘believe’ in adam and eve per se. i agree that there is adaptation. still haven’t shown me what was before giraffes and duck-billed platypus.
    and before we chat about the past, i’d like to see where we are going.
    says pansypoo who actually adores archaeology.

  2. spend 2 minutes on google and you’ll find the ancestors of the giraffe and the platypus

  3. The Democrats don’t exactly come out as geniuses. Perhaps, those Independents are on to something.
    The level of ignorance in the US population continues to astound me.

  4. The truly astonishing info is that some number north of 40% of the US population does NOT believe in evolution. Do they even teach biology in school anymore? How the hell does this country maintain a 21st century economy when nearly half the population is living in the fucking dark ages?
    Wonder what the comparable numbers are in Yurp? Or Africa.

  5. Holden – awesome post. Love the statistics cause they do show that a majority of Americans believe it. Someone was trying to sell me on only 12% of Americans being sane and I knew that wasn’t right.
    It’s mostly the fucking Repugs, which absolutely follows.

  6. I love how this becomes a wedge issue. How stupid. The Catholics dealt with this years ago. Don’t any Catholics talk to any Christians? Or do the fundamentalists just want to pick a fight?

  7. They’re an example to all of us, really. I’m going to try not believing other facts that challenge my specialness and make my brain hurt…
    There is no violence occurring in Iraq…
    There is no global climate change…
    There is no sub-prime mortgage problem…
    Wow, this is great! I haven’t been this relaxed in years!

  8. I’m actually astounded that 37% of the independents don’t believe in the obvious. I guess seeding the bible belt with crazed fundamentalists actually worked. We’re so retro that it won’t be long until we begin putting single women on trial for witchcraft.
    Welcome to the new dark ages.

  9. That ~60/~40 split mirrors the Democratic vote balance on the Iraq war resolution in 2002. 60% of Congressional Democrats (both chambers) voted against the resolution. 40% voted for it.

  10. The Catholics dealt with this years ago.
    Spocko, I attended Roman Catholic schools for 16 years, and I was never taught that there was a conflict between faith and evolution. However, I believe that some of the Catholics may be regressing. However, I am no longer a Catholic, so I could be wrong.

  11. Pansypoo – I checked out Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion” from the library. He is a biologist and explains Darwinian evolution while smacking down creation theory. Read the book and you will see where all the millions of “Gods” creatures can evolve by taking baby steps over millions of years to reach the top of the mountain. Giraffes and duck-billed platypus included. It makes a whole lot more sense than some God placing evolved creatures on top of the mountain to begin with.
    Since you do not believe in evolution, I guess we can stop worrying about bird flu evolving into a form where it can be easily transmitted between humans.

  12. Let’s try an experiment: I don’t believe there is a George Bush. He doesn’t exist. There is no George Bush!
    Now, hold on while I go check the news to see if US armed forces are involved in any conflicts in the Middle East. Stay right there…

  13. Halelujah! C. Rice is President of Stanford University. Richard Cheney is serving the last of his sentence for public obscenity. D. Rumsford is a patient in Dr. Berkomeier’s asylum. And, best of all, there will be a free tour of the World Trade Center next Saturday!
    Try it!

  14. So, what IS wrong with education in the US? It obviously doesn’t cover basic biology. I’m starting to think half the country doesn’t have even the most elementary understanding of science.
    The last I checked, it’s the 21st century and evolution has been the theoretically foundation for biology for what – almost a hundred years?

  15. Before you defend evolution too much, please note that my 10th grade science teacher was still teaching Lamarkian (?sp) acquired characteristics – that is that sheep stretched for the high leaves and streteched their necks to become giraffes.
    Perhaps if the science taught were better, people may accept science more?
    (half in jest, half in snark, half in serious, half in irony).

  16. WOW! What’s up with 40% of Democrats not believing in Evolution?? That’s a pretty high number if you ask me. They must be Southern Democrats. Do you know what the other name for Southern Democrat is? Republican

  17. sorry. i just can’t ‘believe’ in evolution. but the bible i am not all to sure about either. just go with higher being. besides, pansypoo gave up homework.

  18. What’s really galling is that we keep getting beat by a bunch of stupid troglodytes.
    I don’t believe in Zimmerman
    I don’t believe in Beatles
    Evolution sounds like a pretty good explanation, whereas the Bible has no business being used as an explanation for the physical world, it’s all about what’s going on inside the coconut and the pump, and trying to make sense of their spaghetti ties to each other, if you follow me.

  19. Whereas numbers state that the South is mainly GOP and predominantly protestant, why would one believe in evolution. No one told them to.

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