Friday Ferretblogging: New Ferret Edition

Puck, this is the Internet. Internet, this is Puck:

Puck is three, and big, and a monster. He has a crooked tail, the tip of which is dark grey like someone dipped him in an inkwell, and he knows how to roll over. I discovered this trick when I was reprimanding him for yet again climbing over the baby gate the threee OFs had never even attempted to scale and bolting into the living room. I shook my index finger at him and said, “Bad ferret!” and he laid down, flipped over, got up and opened his mouth for what I assumed was a treat. When I didn’t give him one, he huffed, like, “stupid human, I’m going to have to train her” and did it again.

He’s so quick he’s hard to even videotape without some kind of nauseating Blair Witch thing happening. He has one very dark grey foot. Stripe doestn’t much care for him. Puck tries to play, and Stripe (who’s recovering nicely from his surgery and is being kept quiet and fed well in another room of the house entirely) just rolls over, unable to even countenance the idea. But they curl up together and nap, so apparently as long as Puck’s just a big furry heating pad, it’s all okay.


13 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: New Ferret Edition

  1. WT, we have to have the bell on him. Otherwise we’d never know where he is.
    The others always took their bell collars off. He doesn’t seem to mind it.

  2. pansypoo, we looked at babies, but the problem is they’re sooooo squirrelly we were afraid they’d hurt Stripe just by playing too rough.
    Plus, the idea of litter-training and bite-training again makes me want to go lay down for a long nap.

  3. Now there is the stuff dreams are made on. Good name. One of mine is a Shakespeare name (“Hallooo the reverberate hills…OLIVIA!”). You just can’t go wrong with Shakespeare. And for a wild, irrepressible thing like this, Puck is perfect.
    So glad you have a newbie. What a lucky feller–he’ll be getting sooooo much love!

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