The Gay Bomb

Here is my movie treatment of the Gay Bomb which I developed from a concept that…OK stop. I totally stole the idea from Oyster.

But Oyster dear friend think of it as an homage …an opportunity shall we say to see your bon mot placed big upon the little screen…yeah that’s the ticket

(Length–1:40 min.)

7 thoughts on “The Gay Bomb

  1. FWIW, the intolerance amendment just went down here in Massachusetts, 151-45, according to the woman with the big Equality for All sticker on her shirt on the Red Line (the NY Times web site apparently concurs, according to Google).
    If the local Catholic Church had not pissed away so much of their moral legitimacy by protecting pederasts, this might not have happened, because it sounded like it would be closer than this in the paper today (50 votes were needed to keep the amendment alive).
    Yay us, we’re not total jerks.

  2. That is the stuff of nightmares! Why is everyone laughing? You, yes you, could be the next target!

  3. God, that is funny… my first reaction has that Robin would have loved this – helping all those young national guardsmen find their inner hairdresser…

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