If ya need some laughs…

The author would like to thank God. “Thank you, God.”

Now about that dopey horse…

(h/t Jeffrey at Library Chronicles)

Comments are great too


OMG go read the reviews at Amazon (via LittlePig in our comments)

8 thoughts on “If ya need some laughs…

  1. joejoejoe says:

    I love the faint new grey text in background of the First-Draft banner. Nice tweak Scout!

  2. BuggyQ says:

    I’d just like to thank you, scout. “Thank you, scout.”
    What I want to know is, who is the illustrator, and does he have a framed print of the overdosing horse on his wall?
    I would.

  3. piegrrrl says:

    Favorite visual:
    “Daisy slapped the drugs and alcohol out of Latawnya’s hoof.”
    Scout, you sicko, trolling librarian sites again. 😉

  4. virgotex says:

    and remember kidz, hotlinking images, just like smoking drugs and drinking, is BAD!
    (berating myself, not the esteemed author of the post)

  5. Hoppy says:

    I’m trying very hard to get the joke. I read that great book cover to cover. It must obviously be a great book or I would have been so bored I would have fallen asleep. I really like the way the author hooked me by mentioning the bad noise, thus keeping me riveted as I wondered what the noise was. Now I am all primed to buy the sequel too. I would like to than Scout for bringing this to my attention. Thank you Scout.

  6. LittlePig says:

    Looks like the chilren got into the comments at Amazon.
    Customer Reviews
    Too.Damn.Funny. I, too, would like to say thank you to Scout. “Thank you, Scout!”

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