5 thoughts on “Just because kitty blogging

  1. Funny every damn time.
    Alfie’s been climbing a lot of tree trunks lately. Not the whole tree,just leaping up the trunks. Yesterday he tried to climb a giant sunflower – there was a sort of trebuchet backfire effect.
    They are just so bull goose loony at this age, aren’t they? It’s obvious they have no control over what their instinct is telling their body to do.

  2. Willie was in the hall walking ever so slowly back towards me… then as he got 2 feet away he tore off. He’s just torturing me now and loving it…sigh

  3. ahh, he hasn’t developed his stockholm syndrome yet. i think that happens around the time they get fixed. you torture them into clinging to you.
    basil used to fling himself onto the imac. he’s still a lumox, but with more grace. sybil floats.

  4. EDS made 3 of my favorite commercials and this one is definitely on top (the other two were building an airplane in mid-flight and the running of the squirrels – a la Pamplona Spain).

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