Worse Than Carter

Via Atrios, Chimpy falls flat on his ass in the latest Newsweek poll.

In 19 months, George W. Bush will leave the White House for the last time. The latest NEWSWEEK Poll suggests that he faces a steep climb if he hopes to coax the country back to his side before he goes. In the new poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday nights, President Bush’s approval rating has reached a record low. Only 26 percent of Americans, just over one in four, approve of the job the 43rd president is doing; while, a record 65 percent disapprove, including nearly a third of Republicans.

The new numbers—a 2 point drop from the last NEWSWEEK Poll at the beginning of May—are statistically unchanged, given the poll’s 4 point margin of error.But the 26 percent rating puts Bush lower than Jimmy Carter, who sunk to his nadir of 28 percent in a Gallup poll in June 1979. In fact, the only president in the last 35 years to score lower than Bush is Richard Nixon. Nixon’s approval rating tumbled to 23 percent in January 1974, seven months before his resignation over the botched Watergate break-in.

4 thoughts on “Worse Than Carter

  1. Just how many ponies does this make? I think Hasbro should be having record profits with all the ponies you have received now!

  2. And can anyone imagine that Bush would even be in the same planetary league as Carter after he leaves office? Whatever you think about Carter’s tenure as President, I have nothing but respect for all the work he’s done since leaving the office, and I just know that Bush — if he isn’t brought up on war crimes charges — will be an absolute wastrel once he’s out of the White House.
    Of course, that won’t be much of a change, but at least he won’t be able to kill as many people that way.

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