Apropo of Nothing

It’s NOT the Same Guy:

The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 mandated that FEMA create a National Advisory Council. Recently they announced the membership. It includes in the category of Elected Local Official, the mayor of Grand Forks named—Michael Brown.

Ya think anyone had a moment of hesitation because well ya know

So now which table is George Bush dining at?

Gov. Blanco and Donna Brazille spotted Tony Bennett while dining at Filomena’s in Georgetown. Brazille decided to write a note to Bennett thanking him for his work with the civil rights movement. When she tried to discreetly hand it to him–Brazille explains— “the maitre d’ did a body block. I said, ‘I beg your pardon?’ . . . We
weren’t a threat. The governor was packing, she had three security

However Bennett recognized the women and they got a pic with him. Better yet “the governor got introduced to a corporate titan at the table who
offered assistance to rebuild hundreds of Katrina-wrecked homes.”

I take it back. That’s something.