Your President Speaks! Again!

This morning, in Washington, flogging his immigration bill.

We Are More Than Just Giving Speeches

And I said we’re going to be more than just giving speeches, or using the microphone to proclaim the need for a comprehensive bill. I would send two members plus our staff up to — two members of my Cabinet plus our staff up to work the — to work with the senators.


The reason the Senate, of course, is that we’ll be moving our attention to the House when it passes a comprehensive piece of legislation.

Problem Recognition

The problem that this bill recognizes, the bill recognizes that we’ve got to address the problem in a comprehensive fashion.

What An Incentive Is

It’s a powerful incentive to be a mom or a dad to make sure your children don’t suffer. That’s an incentive.

Rush Was Right, It Is An Amnesty Bill

Amnesty means that you’ve got to pay a price for having been here illegally, and this bill does that.

What Each Person Has Got

But it also recognizes it’s in our nation’s interest to bring people out of the shadows; that there’s got to be a way forward that recognizes there is a penalty for being here illegally — on the other hand, that recognizes that each person has got worth and dignity.

What He’s Struck About

I’m struck every time I hear — I’m struck about our greatness every time I hear a story about a child taking advantage of a mother’s or dad’s hard work to realize the blessings of America.

Get Your Story Straight

I was at the Coast Guard Academy — I’ve told this story several times — and the number one cadet talked about his migrant grandfather. The fellow was a Mexican American — or is a Mexican American. The father came from — the grandfather came from Mexico to work hard so that, hopefully, some day somebody in his family would realize the blessings of America. And it worked.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be delicious if we found that the #1 cadet’s grandfather came into the US *ahem* under cover of darkness?

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