4 thoughts on “Heckuva job…Minneapolis Edition

  1. Just look at that stupid chimp, pretending to understand or care what the diver is saying, but he’s thinking…”ha the C student is president and all you smart people serve at my pleasure…

  2. I’m actually a bit surprised at this. I really thought that after Katrina, they wouldn’t get caught off-guard so badly. And I thought they’d make damn sure that lily-white Minnesota got all the money they needed.
    Maybe it’s time to link Minnesota and New Orleans more clearly in the public’s mind — two different disasters, two failed responses, typical Republican governance.

  3. I am NOT happy to see the good people of MN going through this (esp. because my current and a past boyfriend both have strong ties to the place), but I am ironically pleased to see this post. I have been working in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast since the storm, and inmy current work a group of regional activists went to DC to advocate for strong federal investment in the region. We were told by one of the staffers of the Republican minority leader of the Senate Appropriations Housing Subcommittee (still with me?) that Senators had “Katrina fatigue,” and their own problems with disasters in their own regions.
    No sh*t.
    Yet, perhaps there’s some room for solidarity here, what do you think??

  4. Well, of all the parts of Minnesota this could have happened in, Minneapolis is definitely the least “lily white.” It is also pretty hard-core liberal. This is the district represented by our country’s first Muslim in the House of Reps, you may recall. Not exactly Bush country.

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