Marry Me, Brian

For Badger hockey has begun and it is good:

Still using his Wisconsin goalie pads, glove, blocker and goalie mask with the trademark moose on the back, Elliott turned away 27 of 28 Thrashers’ shots to earn his first career victory.

Here is a excerpt from the Associated Press recap posted on the Ottawa Senators home page:

Elliott did his part to keep the winning streak going, though he wasn’t even expecting to play. He’s only on the roster because No. 1 goalie Ray Emery is recovering from offseason wrist surgery.

“It was a surprise,” said Elliott, the 291st overall pick in the 2003 entry draft. “You’re nervous. You’re playing in the NHL. It’s a game you have to be prepared for, and I was prepared.”

The Ontario native, who played college hockey at Wisconsin, watched the first four games while Martin Gerber posted a 1.73 goals-against average. But, with the first of back-to-back games, Elliott got the call.

“From age seven, this has been my goal,” he said.

The actually-still-in-college Badgers did okay at the McFadden invitational, though if Connelly doesn’t get his head together … Still, it’s early. They can lose to Our Lady of the Rosary Welding School (tm my dad) these first couple of weekends if it helps them kick the shit out of the Gophers this winter.


2 thoughts on “Marry Me, Brian

  1. Hey, anything to help them kick the shit out of the Gophers. That is ALWAYS a worthy goal.
    How’s your hot recruit Turley doing?
    It’s early, but my Fighting Sioux certainly handed the Defending National Champions their ass last weekend.
    I love this game.

  2. The UW Women’s Hockey team continues to utterly rock, and be completely disregarded by the media.
    How fair is that?

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