Those darn hurricanes are never there when you need them!

Since my initial guest post here at First Draft seemed to fall still-born from the publishing platform, I will shamelessly go after easier prey.

In his interview withdouchemook Matt Lauer, Larry Craig bemoaned the fact that no threatening monster hurricanes were available to distract the American public away from the Senator’s controversial“stall tactics”:

I liken it to we’re in the middle of hurricane season. And we were. And there were no hurricanes. I became the political hurricane that everybody wanted to talk about. And did it– did they talk about it? You bet they did.

That reminds me:two years ago today, mere weeks after Katrina, Rita and the Federal Flood devastated the Gulf Coast, Senator Larry Craig decided to air some helpful thoughts about our “part of the world” down here. He said:

Fraud is in the culture of Iraqis. I believe that is true in the state of Louisiana as well… A rookie cop in New Orleans, they pay him or her $17,000 starting pay and then wink and say you better make the rest of it on the street.”

Granted, LA and N.O. do have a history of tolerating too much corruption. But usually the stakes are embarrassingly low, like 90 grand in a freezer or paper bag, stolen from Louisiana tax-payers. Neighboring states, on the other hand, are much more sophisticated. They aim higher. Louisianans are pikers compared to the corporate thieves in neighboring states that have defrauded the entire nation with their sophisticated billion-dollar corporate-crony scams like Enron (TX), Halliburton (TX), Brown and Root (TX), Worldcom (MS), HealthSouth (AL).

And why has Craig never second-guessed Bush’s trillion dollar “nation-building” misadventure in fraud-filled Iraq, but, a few weeks after America’s greatest natural and man-made disaster, he suddenly becomesconcerned about Louisiana’s culture of fraudulence?

As for his bizarre claim about the NOPD… I’ll just ask: does Larry have first-hand knowledge of thenaughty “cops” and “winks” and “streets” in New Orleans? 

6 thoughts on “Those darn hurricanes are never there when you need them!

  1. First Draft is turning -mook! Douchemook, I like the sound of that.
    The Craig interview was painful to watch. Quantum leap levels of denial. Made me wonder what else is in his closet…for only a very brief moment.

  2. Of course Larry Craigs experiences in New Orleans are limited to the airport mens rooms.
    Now, I feel better – my first cheap shot of the day!

  3. Larry Craig is most likely VERRRRRY intimate w/the bathrooms at Good Friends and Oz…and probably about any one where he has borrowed someone’s MangoMango receipt so that he can troll in their bathrooms.
    Creep. Wishing for hurricanes to distract the public…?!?!? We can’t afford such idiots in positions of power – he needs to just shut the f*ck up already and tend to his own affairs and quit calling for disasters that affect a helluva lot more undeserving folks than his stupid “pursuit of public potty pleasure”.

  4. Of Course, Craig isn’t too bright.
    Let’s face it, with a charge that obviously would be politicical dynamite if it became known among the family values folk, having 2 weeks to mull it over and consult his attorney (if I get arrested, do you think they’d let me go free for 2 weeks?), having the resources of a congressman’s salary (plus any power broking he does on the side), and ready access to all sorts of attorneys (both personal plus all the ones in D.C. who are in charge of making the laws), …
    he still entered a guilty plea without consulation with an attorney and totally naive of the consequences.
    I’m tempted to make a cheap shot at the intelligence of Idaho for electing someone who obviously is mentally challenged.

  5. i don’t know why you guys are bashing senator craig.
    he said he’s not gay
    he said he never has been gay
    he says he sits with a wide stance
    he says he doesn’t remember seductively rubbing his hand on the edge of the adjacent bathroom stall…
    I don’t see anything suspicious at all.
    You guys!!!!!!
    If anything, he’s a closeted Democrat. They’re the ones that love homosex!
    He’s working for them. He’s staying in the Senate just to make Republicans look like a bunch of crazy hypocrite nuts.
    President Bush is a closeted Democrat too. He purposely lies, misleads, double-speaks, says the irrational and got us bogged down in a costly, misguided, and morally questionable quagmire because he wanted the Republicans to look bad.

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