4 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Dodd Edition

  1. When Sheep Sleep
    While self-proclaimed “American patriots” burnish their flag lapel pins and jump up and down about obstructions to authoritarian invasions of our right to privacy and an overzealous government, it has become painfully obvious, even as it is completely dumbfounding, that many, many Americans understand or care very little about the founding principles of the United States that are enshrined in the US Constitution. That the Constitution could be under sustained attack from the totalitarian bush administration for so long with barely a whimper of outcry and mostly slavish support for the Constitution’s shredding, is truly eye opening for those of us who took for granted that most Americans understood that THE most fundamental objective of the Constitution was to protect the people against tyranny. Yet today, in direct confrontation and insult to that most basic of objectives of our Constitution, republicans are unanimous, democrats and independents significantly supportive, and our corporate media hands a megaphone to the Constitution shredders while muzzling nearly all objections to the bush administration’s assault on the Constitution.
    In the latest assault on the Constitution, the rule of law is proposed to again be subverted, this time by retroactive and forward immunity from prosecution of the bush administration’s clearly illegal surveillance activities and Telecom company illegal support of those activities. In passivity, staged hand-wringing, and acquiescence Congress fuels the bonfire of the Constitution.
    And the people, the “real” Americans working every day under delusion that some how our politicians aren’t really stabbing us in the back – nearly complete silence; like peaceful sheep.

  2. Senator Reid,
    If reports are true that you plan to by-pass Senator Dodd’s principled stand to save the rule of law as he fights Rockefeller’s ‘yet another Democratic caving to the Bush Administration’ criminality by granting immunity to Telecom co-conspirators I say to you: HOW DARE YOU! You have the nerve and bald-faced corruption to fight Chris Dodd on his principled stand. In broad day light you seek to trade our rights and the rule of law for Telecom companies that have clearly demonstrated their willingness to support Bush Administration criminality for financial rewards with MY TAX DOLLARS. You and the rest of the so-called “Democratic Leadership’s” lack of principle and continuous inability to stop the multiple on-going and yet-to-be-realized criminality of the Bush Administration, and to enshrine past criminality, disgust me – you’re nothing more than Vichy Democrats and if you can’t start getting the job done I will be looking to support Democrats that can.

  3. Yesterday I got a call from the DNC. I said very simply that I am not giving any more money to the Democratic party. The young man on the other end of the line thanked me and hastily hung up — I got the feeling that he’d gotten an earful already about the uselessness of the Democrats currently in Congress and didn’t have the energy or heart to deal with any more of it. Too bad; I would have given him an earful.

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