“If God wanted little kids to be healthy He wouldn’t have invented little kid diseases, ‘m I right?”

The House failed to override President Compassion’s veto on the SCHIP.Echidne points out that

Certain aspects of the SCHIP debate have not
received the attention they deserve. For example, the fight is not just
over expanding SCHIP to cover more children, but also about keeping the
coverage for the children who have SCHIP right now. The president’s
veto means that the overall expense on the program is capped at the old
level, even though prices of health care have risen. What this means is
that several states will have to cut the number of children they
currently insure. In short: the debate is not between the existing
program and a larger one but between a larger program and a much
smaller one.

Also, yesterdayNorbizness returned from (temporary?) exile to introduce us to an uninsured Clerk who suffered expensive complications from kidney failure. I knowFirst Drafters generously gave to the Joseph family in New Orleans recently– thank you!– but if you felt good doing that and still have some spare change, please consider also donating to Norbizness’ friend Lance.  

I swear, National healthcare can’t come soon enough. 

* title quote from Tim atAgony and Ecstasy

5 thoughts on ““If God wanted little kids to be healthy He wouldn’t have invented little kid diseases, ‘m I right?”

  1. Do you actually think that there is a snowball’s chance in hell that we will ever see nationalized healthcare??
    THAT’S socialized medicine, for God’s sake!

  2. Shrubya says that he’s gonna sprint to the finish line–but he’d better just be runnin’ when the mob of angry uninsured Merkins starts comin’ after his sorry ass.

  3. Sure, sure, national health care is important, blah-de-blah-de-blah.
    We MUST build a dome over the United States as our main priority.
    Al CIAda of the air cannot be allowed to float its “clouds” over our country. We saw what the terrorists were able to do in Katrina. (On a side note, Why are all these terror-clouds women?)
    Americans must stand together to Stamp Out Weather!

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