Scout will be out for a few days getting some well-deserved rest.

In her absence, you will have the gestblogging stylings ofOyster, who has promised to share the scotch, pet the chinchillas, and generally behave like a guest in our home. By which I think he means he’ll eateverything in the fridge including a tub of salsa and drink most of our wine and then leave some of his clothes behind when he goes back home.

Be nice to him or I’ll punish you by … I dunno, refusing to curse in my posts anymore, golldangit.


7 thoughts on “Guestblogging

  1. Who pureed my internets? Every blog I read is now some variation of My Right Left-Draft FireDog AtrioMemo Chronicles, written by dirty f’in’ hippy slagging some douchemook with a link to Digby suggesting (correctly) that Digby has the smart take on things. Oh well…still beats CNN.

  2. Greetings
    This is my first post.
    Yeah, off-topic but has anyone heard about this?
    Seems incredible, but who knows?
    So did space exploration 100 years ago, and biotech is hot now.
    Do you think this could be for real?

  3. welcome, gestblogger oyster. always glad to have a gest come by. be my gest! you can sleep in the gest house.
    so, can you tell me, what noise annoys an oyster?
    i gess not.

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