Department of Oh My My, Oh Hell Yes

“I will do everything I can, including filibustering.”

See, this is the thing about standing up. This is the thing about fighting the fight you know you should be fighting. This is the thing about your moment: When you actually stand up to meet it, itfeels fucking good. No more equivocations. No more fucking around. No more “well, you see, I need to weigh the swing voters blah blah blah blah WHATEVER.” You know what you ought to be doing, Democrats. You know what needs to happen. Deep down, you’ve known for a long time. Get off your asses and do it.

Don’t defend. Attack.


8 thoughts on “Department of Oh My My, Oh Hell Yes

  1. This morning I read the New York Times. I looked on the front page for a reference to Dodd’s stand. Nothing. I read through the paper, until I reached page A 12. There, under a headline that read “Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making” (smaller headline) “But Senate Bill is Still Far From Being Law”, was an article about the bill. In the ninth paragraph, below a couple of paragraphs about Dana Perino’s statements, the Times reports:
    “Further, Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut has said he will put a hold on the bill in order to block the immunity provision, a pledge that Republicans swiftly denounced as a fund-raising gimmick for his long-shot Democratic presidential campaign.”
    That is the sum total of the reporting on Dodd’s move, though there is a mention of his stand (minus the Republican spin) in an editorial today. How’s that for your liberal media. I am sick and disgusted. All the news that’s fit to print, my ass.

  2. Not that I think this was acampaign move on Dodd’s part – I don’t – he’s a good man. But let’s be honest, he and Biden don’t have to “weigh” votes they don’t have in the first place.

  3. In my imagination I can remember the day when a person running for office had strong principles. He knew where he stood on almost all issues. So, he told the voters what that was, tried to persuade them he was right, then waited to see if the voters wanted him in office to act on those principles. If so – good. If not – better to have principles than a compromised political office.
    I have a good imagination.

  4. After writing the above I remembered the democratic candidate for Congress in the district adjacent to mine – Bill Durston. That description I stated applies in spades to him. He knows what his beliefs and principles are, and refuses to change a single one of them just to ensure his election. That’s one reason I campaigned for him last election and will do so this election.

  5. Hoppy, you are so lucky.
    I thought such politicians only existed in Frank Capra movies.

  6. Don’t you read Mallard Filmore? Just this week he proved that the republican news is buried in the middle. 🙂

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