Friday Ferretblogging: RIOT! Edition

Riot came home from the shelter Tuesday night. He’s 10 months old. A wee one.

Feeling Riot was vaguely derogatory, we’ve tried other names out in the three days he’s been at home with us. Mit, because he’s a sweet chocolate-silver mitt mix, but that brings up thoughts of Mitt Romney, which is DO NOT WANT. I suggested Will, because oh boy, can you not get him to do anything he doesn’t already want to do, and Mr. A countered with Nutjob. Which was obviously out.

But in the end? Riot fits. I thought we had a squirrelly ferret in Puck. Oh, no. We have a NORMAL ferret in Puck. In Riot we have a cracked-outpsychotic dingo who chases his own tail and dust particles and jingle balls and his shadow and me and Mr. A and Puck around the room for HOURS and still isn’t tired, who eats half a bowl of food at a crack and then follows me like a puppy and begs for treats. I tried to wear him out yesterday. Tried. Two hours later I was lying on the floor exhausted and he was standing on my stomach like, “Aw, c’mon, I was just getting started! Mom? Mom?”

He and Puck are getting along all right, though it’s very much an older bro-younger bro dynamic:

Riot: Puck? Puck! Play with me! C’mon! You know you wanna! Let’s wrestle! Let’s roll the jingle balls around! Let’s destroy one of Dad’s shoes! Puck? Puck? Puck?


But they do curl up in the cage together at night, which is the real test, and Puck’s been a lot more active now that he’s gotten used to the interloper. Which is what we wanted. He needed a friend.

Video of the new furby, who it’s impossible to watch and not pet:


17 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: RIOT! Edition

  1. What a happy post! It does my heart good to know Puck has another furry friend to cuddle with. Congratulations, A and Mr. A! May you give each other love for many, many years.

  2. Feetz!!! they look like he’s got tennies on, no?
    Thanks for bringing in the hand for perspective – he is very wee.
    I don’t know from ferrets (other than yours) but in general, I’m in favor of the young/old dynamic. I’ve got two older animals (dog/cat) and two younger animals (dog/cat) and I can attest it works on a variety of levels to the benefit of both ages.
    it’s also good to have the young/young and old/old as well.

  3. Congratulations on your addition. I look forward to the adventure.
    My continued best to all.

  4. A…I had a great dog named Puck many years ago. The name fit him like a glove. I went through many Shakespearean names for pets afterward…Ariel, Thisbe, etc.

  5. I predict a riot, Iiiii predict a riot!
    I’m so happy that you have new ball of fuzz in your life! He’s too cute!

  6. Video sure makes me miss Kika, my silver-mitt that I had for 9 years. She was sweet and cute beyond belief. Watching her and my cat play was insanely entertaining, but that was before the days of easy digital video.
    I was hoping to rescue another ferret once my twins got old enough, but now have to put it off for another year due to sabbatical.
    Thanks for the ferret blogging!

  7. Oh, SMOOCH! It’s a love Riot! What a little darling — emphasis on the little. Will he get bigger, or is he all grown up?
    Congratulations to you, Puck and Mr. A; may your lovely family be playing together for many years to come.
    Peace, V.
    And oh, yes — what Kenosha Kid said. More vid, pleeze? Love it!

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