Forget Poland

Chimpy’s“Coalition of the Willing” hits the ashbin of history.

The Polish pro-business party, Civic Platform, today took a strong position as a result of the parliamentary elections Sunday, winning 41.4 percent of the total vote with 99 percent of returns counted.

That gives the party and its leader, Donald Tusk, the chance to build a governing coalition, and Mr. Tusk is to open talks with the centrist Polish Peasants Party to form a new government.

The ruling prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and his Law and Justice Party trailed with 32.2 percent of the vote and will cede power.


Leaders across Europe were relieved at the ascension of Civic Platform, a party that generally supports the European Union’s positions. Under the Kaczynskis Poland has earned a reputation as a consensus-breaking troublemaker.

On the other hand, the Kaczynskis have been the staunchest of allies of the United States. Mr. Tusk said during the campaign that he would have driven a harder bargain over support of plans to place missile interceptors on Polish soil and that, if elected, he would try to bring home the 900 Polish troops in Iraq.

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