Your President Speaks!

Conservation Saturday began at thePatuxent Research Refuge – Endangered Crane Complex in Laurel, Maryland.

What The Birds Got To Do

For these migratory birds, surviving their long journey depends on a stopover habitat. That basically means they got to find a place to rest, a safe place to prepare to continue their journey.

This Is Additional Incentives

In other words, this is additional incentives for landowners to become a part of this comprehensive national strategy and Congress needs to pass this piece of tax legislation.

Conservation Saturday continues at theChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michael’s, Maryland.

What You Got Here

Thanks for the invitation here to the Maritime Museum. It’s a beautiful site you got here.

Laura’s Job

By the way, Laura is not here — she’s headed over to the Vice President’s house. They’ve kindly invited us for lunch. I guess you could say she’s the taster.

The Good News There’s A Lot Of Good Fishing

And the good news there’s a lot of good fishing here is because the Secret Service won’t let me go hunting with him.

That Title Be Fancy

He’s in charge of NOAA, as is Conrad Lautenbacher — run NOAA — you’ve got a fancy title, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.

A Important Industry

And it’s important to recognize here in America that sport fishing is a important industry; a lot of people make a living because of sport fishing.

Fixing To Get Folksie With It

As a matter of fact, I’m fixing to go do some sport fishing.

We’re Also Talking About Today

We’re also talking about today to make sure that not only protect the waters, we’re going to protect the marine life in the waters.