Oh my

I don’t usually write much of local NOLA politics (I’m smart enough to know it’s freaking complicated). But I do follow it. And man it has been a week of shall we sayInteresting.

Monday: An FBI agent testifies in court that state Sen. Derrick Shepherd has been laundering money for some felon and a cut of course. (Do read Oyster on this to fully appreciate)

Wednesday: Sen. Shepherd denies any wrongdoing and implies it is all an FBI plot to get back at him for not providing the FBI with any dirt in what appears to be an FBI investigation of Ray Nagin…at least so says Shepherd.

Wednesday: Nagin’s spokesperson denies Nagin is a target of a federal investigation. (I guesswe’ll see)

And all week long District Attorney Eddie Jordan has been in the news. He owes $3.7 million which he can’t pay. It’s due to a judgment against his office for racial discrimination in the firing of white employees. (more on Eddie fromAdratos)

That’s just the beginning of Eddie’s week.Wednesday night it is reported, in what is probably the strangest story, that police had been seeking a suspect for robbery, home invasion and possibly shooting a cop and the cop’s wife. Turns out said suspect had fled to District Attorney Eddie Jordan’s home and was hanging out with Jordan’s girlfriend.

Ok I thought ya can’t out do that. I was wrong.

Tonight the Times Picayune has a blow by blow of a City Council retreat which turned Ugly.OK you have to just go read it. I can’t believe how or That it ended up in the Times Picayune. (as I said – complicated) Don’t believe me?

“I don’t buy it, Cynthia!” Midura shouted from her chair. “It’s to cover your political backside and I don’t believe you!”

Hedge-Morrell, who by now had risen from her chair and was standing
over Midura, shouted back, “You think you’re Miss Goody Two Shoes,” her
voice rising and face tightening, “and you sit there on your damn high


A visibly rattled Hedge-Morrell was still fuming minutes after Midura
left, saying, “She acts like she’s the only one not being bought and
paid for.”

No wonderOyster linked to this observation yesterday…”New Orleans has to rate as one of the greatest places in the world to blog from or about.” To which Oyster wrote…“True dat. It ain’t ever boring here. The endless fountain of
crazy current events provides more than enough interesting material to
blog about. Choosing is the hardest part.”

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  1. I guessing the DA’s office is toast on Monday. Of course, that leaves it all in Foti’s hands – and he’s a batshit crazy lame duck.

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