2 thoughts on “Check it out

  1. Apparently, registration ees required, perhaps joo could give us a snippet or two?
    Regarding what I believe to be the subject of the article, the Rude Pundit put thees een a fairly succinct way:
    …not unlike comparing apples and drowned people.

  2. One other point made in that column, but not firmly enough for my taste: San Diego didn’t burn to the ground. The wildfires were just that: fires in the wilderness. The people who fled were middle class and above suburbanites, not poor people dependent (as the columnist mentioned) on public transport which didn’t come.
    There was also a mandatory evacuation order made as it became clear the fire was coming toward certain areas. Everybody in NO woke up thinking the hurricane had, again, missed them (it had, too). Then the levees broke…
    The comparison isn’t even apples and oranges. It’s more like chalk and cheese.

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