Friday Ferretblogging: New Parents Edition

The only time he is ever still:

So I think this is why people have more than one kid. I forgot how much freaking fun it is to have a baby around the house. He’s impossible to bore, impossible to tire, impossible to over-snuggle or over-spoil. Riot squirrels himself into a frenzy over a bubble envelope. He divebombs Puck from the top of the couch. He tries to crawl into my shoeswhile I’m still wearing them and he shreds newspapers for amusement. Did I mention he does it before we’re done reading? He’s always ready to play, to bat at jingle balls with his fat little wee feet, to go on a new adventure, usually inside someplace we don’t want him to be, like the kitchen, or the closets, or my briefcase, or a plant.

This week’s big news was that he met this weird little robot-ferret thing my sister gave us for Christmas a few years back. None of our furballs have ever paid the thing much mind, but Riot was mightily offended by it: What is this artificial robo-weasel? What is this horrible noise it makes? Why is it refusing to go where I tell it to go? I was laughing too hard to hold the camera straight, and I apologize for any Blair Witch effects you may suffer:

Puck continues to do well with his new bro, even permitting (grudgingly) Riot to cuddle him in his sleep.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: New Parents Edition

  1. Oh, that’s too f*cking cute!
    We too got 2 new felines in our house this year after our old ones left us. And we too had forgotten what a difference it is having kitten energy in the house after living with old lady cats for years.
    One of’em seems determined to rip all the computer cords out of the wall, though. We’re still trying to figure out how to kittenproof that!

  2. “It’s not supposed to do THAT when I sniff its butt!”
    even though they are no longer kitten and puppy, my young cat and dog still rip it up constantly- they can tear an entire room up when they start romping.
    Enjoy the youthy ferret-ocity.

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