10 thoughts on “Fess Up

  1. Our cats will be following the lead of Mooch in the Mutts comic strip: they’ll be dressing up as good cats. (No one will recognize them.)

  2. OK, I admit it. My little black pug has been a Flying Monkey (Wizard of Oz), a Blood Sausage in a Bun (with Ketchup), and this year will be in a red Devil costume… I wanted black bat wings or black spider legs so he could use his natural blackness as part of the costume, but couldn’t find them ready-made, and no longer have a sewing machine to make one. Alas! Even my children are wearing commercially made costumes this year.

  3. That’s not a dog in a halloween costume. It’s Richard Dean Anderson in a dog costume.

  4. I only think of dressing up my dogs and cat as a severe punishment when they refuse to let me sleep at night because they all want to play and annoy the crap out of me.
    This year Nanuk’s costume was going to be Ann Coulter. Black dress, wig and a sign that says, “Dogs are fags!”
    Kyri was going to be Rush Limbaugh. Bald head thingy, baggy pants, big belly and a sign that says, “Phony Dog!”
    The cat was going to be Vitter. A little white diaper.
    LOL! They finally chilled about the cooler weather and let me sleep. So not humilating costumes for them.

  5. i thought the dog WAS ann coulter.
    yes. my cats will be ‘good cat’, and nobody will recognize them, except pansy. she is good, and even better if she manages to not erp.

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