Army Wrong

The wrong career choice for many Americans, that is.

The Army fell short of its recruiting goal for May, its first significant slip in two years.


With an array of special incentives for attracting recruits, the Army managed to recover from a 2005 recruiting slump, but the impact of the Iraq war and the strong domestic economy have made it difficult to attract enlistees.

The Army and Marine Corps have suffered the bulk of casualties in Iraq.

The pace of recruiting is even more important now that Defense Secretary Robert Gates has set a goal of increasing the size of the active-duty Army by 65,000 to a total of 547,000 within five years. The increase is intended to ease some of the strain on the Army from its heavy commitments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Statistics released Monday showed that in May the Army signed up 5,101 new recruits, short of its goal of 5,500, although it remains on track to meet its goal of 80,000 for the full year, which runs from Oct. 1, 2006 to Sept. 30, 2007.


The Army National Guard met only 88 percent of its goal and the Air National Guard met 77 percent of its goal.

5 thoughts on “Army Wrong

  1. 71% of the people say we’re on the wrong track and yet the Army can’t pay folks enough to go to a failed war in Iraq???
    Looking ahead 20 years and buying into the idea that the military are our honorable, most patriotic, best and brightest. What will the effect of removing these people from our society have on our future?

  2. I dunno MapleStreet. “best and brightest”?
    Are you aware how much the Army and Marines have lowered their standards to even come close to making their recruitment numbers? Apparently now you can get in if you’re between 18 and 42 and have a pulse.
    Too, just on the face of it, how stupid not to mention amoral would you have to be to sign up now to help perpetrate this massive war crime on Iraq?

  3. I chose “best and brightest” to avoid any arguments about patriotism. But even if I go with just those who are patriotic enough to sign up (with the idea that the gang bangers don’t sign up), we’re gonna be left with the gang bangers while the idealistic patriots were killed overseas.
    Either way, taking one group overseas will alter that group (need for rehab, counseling, etc.) and alter the mix that is left behind.

  4. The best and the brightest in my rural community are staying OUT of the military. For all their pizza, paint ball parties and cool propaganda, the recruiters only managed to snag one body for Bush’s war this spring. One kid out of 175 decided to join up. Usually in this rural, farming, red state (IN) community there are at least 5 or 6 who join up.
    With a Honda plant moving in within a few months right next door, there is no way in hell the Army and Marines are going to get many more than that per year from now on out.

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