6 thoughts on “Good Ad

  1. Well, I’m a big fan of edwards’ and I loved the ad but its pretty creepy that “democrats” and “working people” are uniformly pictured as generic white people–there were no hispanics, no native americans, no blacks, no asians and, frankly, pretty clearly no “big city jews” in that picture. It was fantasy farmin’ folk the whole way.

  2. Aimai, I noticed the same thing — I was looking for some city folks myself, some people of color, some Hispanics.
    I like the words; he could just sharpen up the visuals a little.

  3. I just plain like it. “Backbone.” “Guts.”
    Let me put on the table that in Iowa, the turnout is likely to be heavy among the sort of folks you see in this ad.
    Aging, Caucasian, not-quite-upper-middle-class farmers, with mortgage worries and health care fears.
    I hope it works, ’cause I like Edwards. I like him a lot.

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