Rinse, Repeat

How to smear the Democrats wingnut style:

Step 1a:
Take a quote from an al-Qaeda member:

But he added: “I can assure you that we will
start pressuring Bush in a new way at the same time he is facing
pressures from the Democrats and the American people. And there will be no problem to sacrifice 10 soldiers in order to abduct a single
American soldier and get him on television screens begging for us to
release him.” (emphasis mine)

Step 1b:

Ace of Spades precedes the above quote with this…

Al Qaeda Claim: We Have Captured US Troops
UPDATE: And We Will Coordinate With The Democratic Party For Maximum Political Impact

Above the Fold Update:Al Qaeda knows who its allies are.

Just rinse away that last part of the quote–“and the American people.”
See now it’s just the Democrats who are Al Qaeda “allies” not the American people. After all what American would believe THEY are “allies” of Al Qaeda? And by inference to be coordinating with the terrorists? That’s just crazy talk! No just forget that last part of the quote.

Step 2:

From Malkin

Ace notes al Qaeda’s “pressure” campaign timed to coincide with the Democrats’ campaign to undermine Bush:

From Hot Air

Al Qaeda member: Our “pressure” on Bush will coincide with the Democrats’

And the hey indeeditude of Instapundit linking to Hot Air …


There you go. Easy Peasy–the Democrats are practically an Al Qaeda cell–that is if you are completely intellectually dishonest among other things.

3 thoughts on “Rinse, Repeat

  1. Good work. But it’s not complete until it gets to Hannity and Rush. I think it might get there via Drudge, but they all read Malkin. She’s the new Drudge. Then it will go to ABCs The Note and to Fox News “Democrats working with Al Qaeda?” will be on the screen under some “anchor”.
    Then of course there will be a serious story about “are the terrorists political?” that will be in the newspapers where the lies will have to be defended as if they are truth. Just like the lies that they throw out at Pelosi every day.
    As John Stewart said. “Stop it. You’re hurting America.”

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