A complete listing of the questions asked during Chimpy’s little chat with the Associated General Contractors of America today.

Q Thank you. In May of 2006, my second cousin was on his second tour in Iraq. Corporal Cory Palmer, he’s in the Marines, he was on patrol in a Humvee, and they ran over a roadside bomb. He and many others in that Humvee perished. What do I need to do, what does the media need to do to help you, so that my second cousin, and others like him, have not died or been injured in vain?

Q I’d like to know, like a lot of other people in this room, we have family members — we have family members who are actively involved in the security of this country in various ways. From them, we’ve received positive information that we consider credible, who say about the success and the good things that are happening as a result of us being in Iraq. I would like to know why and what can be done about we, the American people, receiving some of that information more from the media, or (inaudible.) (Applause.)

Q We’re General Contractors of America, and what are we doing — I don’t hear anything about the reconstruction of Iraq. Could you fill us in on that? Are we doing enough, as general contractors? And we are at your disposal. And second is a personal question. What do you pray about, and how we can we pray for you?

Q You talked about the terror of 9/11, and what I wanted to share with you, my wife and I had our first child two months after 9/11. We named her Grace, because we felt that the world needed some grace at the time. And what I wanted to (inaudible) is the fact that our appreciation and keeping my family and also the families of America safe for the past five years is (inaudible).

2 thoughts on “Screened

  1. Those are the hard hitting questions that we need the answers to!
    Actually this is a very interesting point. What would you ask the president? It seems easy, but you really have to have four questions prepped. Why?
    First question even if hard, gets a stock response. Then if you have big brass ones and aren’t afraid of being disappeared you ask a follow up that says, ‘With all due respect that didn’t really answer my question.” then you have a third question that challenges the second stock answer, “But that was not what you said on _______” what you said at that time was, and I quote, “Blanky, blank, blank.” given the way that you have answered my first two questions and that you did not accurately represent my third question and denied your actual third quote, I ask you again for the fourth, and hopefully the last time,______________?
    That is what he is afraid of. He is way too fragile to stand up to that kind of questioning. The right-wing would vilify you for dis-respecting the president. The people who are in the press would be pissed because you showed them what lapdogs they are. The people who were supposed to screen you out will be pissed and threaten your job.
    And even the people who are liberal will say, “Well gee why are they picking on the poor guy. He gave him an answer!”
    This last one is the most dangerous attitude. Even people who hate Bush often are empathetic people who transfer their emotions from the person doing the questioning to the person under question. Why? Because unlike the president and the neocons they have empathy.
    Diane Sawyer described this last point in an interview when asked why she doesn’t ask a tough question more than three times.

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