Half a Billion in fed hurricane aid to Texas…Only 13 families in mobile homes…Gov in $9900/month home while mansion is renovated

Though this has gained little attention elsewhere, theDallas Morning News had more today comparing the lot of just 13 families who have received aid (and the over 4000 waiting) from the half billion that Texas was given by the feds, to that of Gov. Rick Perry’s…

Rick Perry defended housing situations on Friday – both his own move to
a $1.8 million lease home while the Governor’s Mansion undergoes
renovation and the two-year wait for assistance endured by 4,300 Texas
families displaced by Hurricane Rita.


And where are the 13 families who have received aid…

Thus far, only 13 families have been supplied mobile homes.

But Perry says it’sall a Security matter…

After voting
early on the 16 propositions on Tuesday’s general election ballot, Mr.
Perry told reporters that both housing situations were based on
security needs – in his case, to accommodate his security detail, and
in the Rita victims’ instance, to protect taxpayers’ money.

Shut up…Wedid make phone calls…

Asked repeatedly
about the audit, the governor said it was unnecessary to keep “beating
this horse” and that his chief of staff had made phone calls to the
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

And ofhis horse?

Regarding his
own five-bedroom, five-bath temporary home in a gated resort area west
of Austin – which costs taxpayers $9,900 in monthly rent – Mr. Perry
said the expense is lower than the cost to maintain the Governor’s

“If it were just me and my wife and 6,000 square feet,
well, they might have a point. But you know, there are [numerous]
members of the governor’s protective detail who use up probably a good
third of the space. And we still use it to entertain,” Mr. Perry said.

Entertain? Let me say that again… ENTERTAIN!

OK now I’m speechless.

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7 thoughts on “Half a Billion in fed hurricane aid to Texas…Only 13 families in mobile homes…Gov in $9900/month home while mansion is renovated

  1. Texastan. i shall never visit that state.
    not til all the illegals take it back to mexico. or the democrats.
    wit, i forgot my gun issue.

  2. Hmmm, okay, a third for Governor Good Hair et famille, a third for “security” and lemmeguess the balancing third for the on-call retinue of coiffure care professionals to keep ol’Tricky Ricky’s tresses in top condition??? I’ll bet that the 13 families in trailers don’t even get travel size shampoos included in their temporary abodes…
    This state and its associated country are going down the toilet…and leaving us w/floaters!
    Elspeth (sadly who lives in the once great state of TX)

  3. And to think this is the birthplace of the Republican’s idea of “compassionate conservatism”. Enlightening to see how that’s put into practice.

  4. Hey, not all of us in Texas favor this type of idiocy. We have a seething cauldron of liberal outrage here in Austin.
    And guess who was in the audience today at the Texas Book Festival appearance by Brandon Friedman (f/k/a Angry Rakkasan at DailyKos)??? That’s right, Gov. Goodhair himself! (Finally figured out he must’ve been there to hear the other author on the program, one Marcus Luttrell.) After the talk, the Guv put on his gimme cap (to hide that hair?), and stood around chatting with the hoi polloi. No bodyguards anywhere nearby that I could see. He just looked like some guy standing around. (And of course, I couldn’t think of a thing to say to him except a loud screech, so I passed on by.)

  5. And the return to Feudalism in the United States of America was then complete.
    Shit…these Overlords are so bad-assed, they don’t even give their serfs houses, from which to toil for them…let them lie in the fallow fields at night in tents.
    We had tents when we were young. And we liked it!

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