Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, inSouth Corolina, at Fort Jackson.

What You Got To Do

Now you have another tough assignment: You got to make it through my speech.

Conditions Matters

Some lessons that we must understand: First, conditions overseas matters to the security of the United States.


And as we keep pressure on the enemy, we must always remember that the ultimate path to peace will come from the spread of freedom and liberty; that freedom is the great alternative to the ideology of the murderers and the radicals; that — but working help — to work to help others become free, and our noble military is laying — laying the foundation for peace for generations to come.

A Surging UN Forces

America’s new strategy to win that fight, including a surging U.N. forces — U.S. forces has been fully operational for four months.

You Better Wipe Your TV Screens Down

First the challenges: Parts of Iraq continue to be violent and difficult. The terrorists are still capable of murdering the innocent — that will get on our TV screens.

There Is Some Challenges

There’s some challenges: corruption remains a problem; unemployment remains high; and the improvements we are seeing in the Iraqi economy are not uniform across the country.

What We’d Hoped It’d Been

There’s some challenges: reconciliation at the national level hasn’t been what we hoped it’d been by now.

He Introduced His Daughters To The Iraqi Leadership?

And that’s disappointing — and I, of course, made my disappointments clear to Iraqi leadership.

The Gloabl War On Plurals Continues

In Baghdad, Sunni and Shia leaders in one of the city’s most divided neighborhoods recently signed an agreement to halt sectarian violence and end attack on coalition forces.

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